About Me

Hi! It's the face behind the camera ~ Jeannette (aka JPSearcy)!

A little about me ~ I have been a photographer my entire life, but only made it my profession 11 years ago. I am a perfectionist, and some may say, a little OCD about my photos. But I promise, not in too annoying of a way. You won't even notice it during our shoot. I just want you to have the best quality, and most stunning photographs you have ever had! I want you to love your photos AND your experience with me. And I promise, we will have a lot of fun getting those together.

And when I am not working, I'm a wife and a mom. I am married to my high school sweetheart for the past 22 years, and we have two amazing sons. I'm addicted to Netflix, and am always on a search for a new show to binge watch. I stream while editing, it helps the time go by! And my favorite show, by far, is The Walking Dead. I have seen all of the episodes at least 5 times (thanks to streaming Netflix!), and that is the ONLY show that I will watch live and not wait for it on Hulu or DVR. Yeah, I'm a little obsessed, but totally ready for a zombie apocalypse! I love all things girly, but I wouldn't say I am a girly girl. I try to do make up and hair, but most of the time, you will see me with my hair tied back with no make up on. Love gorgeous clothes and high heels, but 90% of the time, you will see me in shorts and a tank top and flip flops. So I get my girly fix with my senior girls who come to me! Not to say I only photograph girls, I love the guys that come to me just as much. I have two of them, so I get them.

That's the basics on me! Want to know more? Book a shoot, and we then become friends for life! I love keeping in touch with my clients, and love seeing them in the next stages of their lives. I love continuing a relationship that lasts beyond client, and turns into friendship.